“Sanganatham” – The prestigious Radio of Tamils:

The Tamil radio broadcast called “Sanganatham” on FM 97.1 went into air on 9th April, 1994. It is coming under the umbrella of the Mother organization that is Victorian Tamil Cultural Association and our General Secretary & Founder Mr.N.R. Wickiramasingham played a key role to bring the radio to today's standard. Since from the day of its historic beginning, there were so many volunteers came forward to present the programmes. From the last few years the co-presenters like Mr.Baheeradhan, Mr.Semaharan (Kallodaikkaran), Mrs.Ranji Leopillai and the technician Mr.Senthil Nathan are putting joint effort with the Founder Mr.Wicki and presenting a variety of classical programmes.

On every Sunday the radio opens with the roaring song of Bharathidasan's “Sangemulanku”. Following the introductory announcements by Mr.Baheeradhan the programme slips into devotional songs. Mrs.Ranji Leopillai's melodious way of presenting the old film songs brings the evergreen memories back into our mind. The news bulletin by Mr.N.R.Wickiramasingham brings every bit of information from the home and to your dining room. The domestic and overseas news with community announcement is giving the whole collection of a week's matter satisfies our expectation. The experienced handling of two hours presentation by Mr.Senthil Nathan without any technical snag made the listeners not to move away till the closing of the station.

Beyond doubt, “Sanganatham” is doing remarkable community service by announcing the City of Greater Dandenong's classifieds, funerals, advertisement for the business establishments, birthday and wedding wishes. Upon best impression over this Tamil broadcast honoured by Hon. John Pandazapoulos minister assisting the premier on multicultural affairs to Mr.Wicki, Mr.Baheeradhan, Mr.Semaharan, Mr.Senthil Nathan and Mrs.Ranji Leopillai for their tireless dedication.

On behalf of “Sanganatham” and the listeners, we are expressing our gratitude to the City of Greater Dandenong for the support and cooperation and we expect the same assistance for the years ahead.

Further information related “Sanganatham” can be obtained from Chairperson Mr.N.R.Wickiramasingham on the following phone numbers and postal address.

1.] Developing the Tamil language and culture among the Tamil and Tamil-speaking migrants of all ages originated from a number of countries such as Sri Lanka, Fiji, Malaysia, Singapore and India.
2.] As a Tamil community radio, providing entertainment and creating interest and enthusiasm by encouraging direct community participation.
3.] Satisfying the all Tamil community's demand for a service to spread the news around through community announcements and advertisements.
4.] Broadcasting specifically designed programs targeting the younger generation in order to encourage their involvement for the future development and progress of Tamil language and culture, while facilitating the assimilation into the Australian society.
5.] Operating as a medium of communication between the Tamils, particularly those who are not proficient in English and the government departments both local and federal, which introduce new schemes and programs from time to time, aimed at ethnic groups eg. Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, Department of Social Security, Ministry of Housing etc.

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